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About Us

M&C ASSOCIATES LIMITED established in 2011, is the union of interior design studio Twelve X Limited (Hong Kong & Shenzhen) and architectural studio Sure Architecture Limited (Hong Kong & London), established in 2006 respectively.

Our Mission is to inspire and develop innovative architectural surroundings, while incorporating green design solutions to improve environmental conservation and protection for the environment. Our Work enhances the richness of design with passion and dedication. Our Aim is to provide the community with comfort, both visually and physically, as we respond to the everyday trends in design. Our Motto: There’s always a solution for greater improvement!

The practice of M&C ASSOCIATES is structured to provide personal services to Clients on architectural design, interior design, green building design, building services engineering consultation, land development feasibility studies, project management and fit-out construction services. Projects already successfully completed ranged from commercial buildings, institutions, governmental facilities, luxury retail stores, commercial offices and residential complex.

明陈建筑事务所有限公司,我们公司提供的服务包括建筑设计,室内设计,屋宇装备工程顾问, 绿色建筑设计咨询和计算,土地开发可行性研究,项目管理等等的设计和顾问服务。我们的服务专长包括在高档零售商店,商业楼宇及写字楼,住宅楼宇,学院机构和设施的建筑和室内设计。除了以上,我们公司还提供合同管理,楼宇工程及翻新咨询的专門服务。

我们的使命: 激励和开发创新建筑环境,同时融入绿色建筑设计的方案,以改善及保护环境作为我们的大前题。我们的作品: 用我们對设计的激情和奉献来打做以成。我们的目标: 在视觉和物质上为社会提供舒适和時尚的生活环境。我们的座右铭: 我們相信总是有更大的改进解决方案!