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About Us

M&C ASSOCIATES LIMITED established in 2011, is structured to provide personal services to Clients architectural design, interior design, green building design, BSE Consultation, project management, to Turn-Key Interior Design and Fitting-Out services. M&C’s field of specialties are in areas of fashion retail, F&B retail, commercial offices, residential complex, educational and commercial institutions. Our office expanded to Zhuhai City in 2014, providing first hand support to our on-going business development and expansion of project coverage throughout Mainland China.

Our Mission is to inspire and develop innovative architectural surroundings, while incorporating green design solutions to improve environmental conservation and protection for the environment. Our Work enhances the richness of design with passion and dedication. Our Aim is to provide the community with comfort, both visually and physically, as we respond to the everyday trends in design. Our Motto: There’s always a solution for greater improvement!

明陳建築事務所有限公司,成立於2011年,為客戶提供的服務包括建築設計,室內設計, 綠色建築設計,屋宇裝備設計,項目管理和一站式的設計和工程施工服務。明陳建築擅長於時裝零售,餐飲,辦公室,住宅樓宇,學院和商業機構的建築設計和施工。我們的辦事處於2014擴展至珠海市,為我們在中國大陸的項目和業務發展提供第一手支援。

我們的使命: 激勵和開發創新建築環境,同時融入綠色建築設計的方案,以改善及保護環境作為我們的大前題。我們的作品: 用我們對設計的激情和奉獻來打做以成。我們的目標: 在視覺和物質上為社會提供舒適和時尚的生活環境。我們的座右銘: 我們相信總是有更大的改進解決方案!