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Sereno Verde -蝶翠峰
99 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long 元朗 大棠路99號

This apartment in Yuen Long has an area of approximately 1046 sqft.

The client is an aesthete and a gourmet, her desire to entertain her guests with homemade food in a cosy warm environment as she describes in Spanish "sobremesa", enjoying time at the table with her companion. She is especially fond of the art piece "Almond Blossom" by Van Gogh, which became one of the core design elements of the flat.

With her enthusiastic desire to accommodate friends and family a wide and spacious layout was an item we could not miss, we had to bear in mind that she works at home so she needed a study space. 

We proposed an open plan layout design to accommodate the many different functions, from a cosy open space to an enclosed study space. Although the space was designed with a multifunctional spatial concept, it carefully allows the user to control the privacy zoning. 

To further emphasise the fondness of the Almond Blossom painting, we have used this painting print in the flexible partition, with chosen home accessories that resonate with the painting. 

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